Something about Malgrate

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These pictures are part of an important phase in my life, illustrating my first steps into the real world of the great restaurants, which have formed me as a person and as a chef.

Il Griso di Malgrate

Malgrate, with the staff of the Il Griso restaurant

Here I’m in Malgrate, in the kitchen of the restaurant Il Griso. I was taken by the hand by the great Chef Claudio Prandi, that I will thank (including his wonderful family) forever for his teaching and professional human being.

Claudio is a man who could not live without the pleasure of being in the kitchen to create their own recipes and you have placed so much confidence in me, at the moment of maximum splendor of the restaurant, in that year. He gained the recognition of the 2nd Michelin star. So it was that in 1989, after a short training course coordinated by the CFP Monteolimpino near Como, he offered me my first contract job as commis de cuisine.

Il Griso di Malgrate

In the kitchen of the Il Griso restaurant, Malgrate

After, there were 3 fantastic years passed alongside great professionals, who were my friends at the same time also almost fathers. This period was full of sacrifices in the kitchen and it left no free time. We spent all the week ends working hard, without ever losing sight of the goals to reach, but it was also a time full of successes and emotional sharing.

1993 -Con la brigata di cucina al ristorante Il Griso di Malgrate, Lecco.

1993 –  With the kitchen brigade at the restaurant Il Griso in Malgrate, Lecco.