Heinz Beck

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Eccomi qui con Heinz Beck nel 2002

2003, with Heinz Beck in the kitchen of La pergola Restaurant in Rome

2003 – In this picture I’m with Heinz Beck at La Pergola Restaurant (Rome) inside Hotel Dei Cavalieri Hilton (2** Michelin Guide, luxe 5 ├ętoiles, Gambero Rosso guide, L’Espresso), working as a Chef de Partie, Garde – manger and Entremetier.

This collaboration was for me a small goal, because it allowed me to grow and work alongside a great master Chef.
During this experience, I worked for three months as assistant pastry chef and this has greatly expanded my skills.


In addition to technical knowledge, I met new friends and I had the good fortune to meet one of my colleagues the Chef Emiliano Pascucci, faithful collaborator of Heinz Beck.