In Stockholm with Joel Robuchon

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1998 - La brigata di cucina dell' Operakällaren di Stoccolma, in occasione delle tre serate con i menu firmati da Joel Robuchon.

1998 – Here the kitchen team of the Operakällaren restaurant in Stockholm, during a special event of three evenings with the menu signed by Joel Robuchon. This meeting in Sweden with one of the world’s masters of the kitchen, even if only for 3 days, has opened my eyes to a few but important details in organizing a big event. I was especially impressed by the surgical precision in his recipes with differences also milligrams almost insignificant but with a later effective contribution in taste. Impressive to the genius of this man who I really admire for his creativity and simplicity that is able to express in his recipes and in his mind, always addressed to love for cooking and good taste.